Stray from the Line

Creating hand embroidery with a modern flair.

Laura is a hand embroidery artist whose work reflects her passion for lettering, nature, colour and just occasionally tea. She creates her work using numerous mediums but with an affinity for natural fibres, and sparkles.Graduate of the Royal School of Needlework in 2005, she certainly knows her way round a needle and thread.Today she loves to doodle and experiment with her ever growing collection of materials, and occasionally dabbling in digital mediums and creating video content.

My Designs

More recent examples of designs and creations made by me:

Occasionally, I like to type up notes about my recently created pieces, you can check out the wittering's over on my blog:

Where to purchase

Stray from the Line has created an array of cute cross-stitch patterns and unique, hand embroidered artworks. All of which are designed and made, in the South of England.

Macaroon Love X Stitch Pattern
Teapot Holographic Stickers
Macaroon Love X Stitch Pattern

Where to Find Me:

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